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By admin January 04, 2013 0 Comments

The actress, 20, caused a Twitter firestorm when she posted pictures of herself and fiance Liam Hemsworth on Christmas Day wearing what looked like wedding rings.

Apparently, Miley is using Liam for his huge fan base!

“Miley knew if she tweeted a picture of herself and Liam wearing rings, everyone would go nuts,” a source told Star magazine.

“She is constantly coming up with new ways to keep everyone interested in her. She is terrified that people will forget about her or ignore her. Liam has no idea how much she needs attention from people. It’s getting worse and worse!

“She isn’t exactly busy with her career these days. She tries to get Liam in as many pictures as possible because she knows he has a huge fan base, and this way she gets even more attention.

“Once this dies down she will take it to the next level — don’t be surprised if her next stunt is a picture of a baby bump!”

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