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By admin December 21, 2012 0 Comments

If the Newsmakers have any say in it, E! Celeb of the Year will stay all in the family.

We started with 16 stars of all sorts who have left their mark on 2012, including presidents, pageant queens and various other pop culture icons. But the final match in this division is a clash for the history books (well, maybe): Miley Cyrus vs. Kate Middleton.

Round 3 found Miley going head to head with one of this year’s biggest headline snatchers: Prince Harry. And her edgy new haircut and flashy engagement ring overtook the royal Vegas party boy. Likewise, our beloved POTUS, Barack Obama, met his match in the Duchess of Cambridge.

And now the choice is yours: Which newsmaker will make it to the quarterfinals?! Click here to vote!

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