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Good girls always get it great, but of course bad girls in the business have their ways. Complex magazine takes into consideration what bad girls in the business can bring. From Miley Cyrus to Rihanna, here are Complex Magazines sexiest celebrity bad girls.

Angelina Jolie ranks number one and who would attest to that? Jolie may be settled down with Brad Pitt and a whole pack of kids but true fans would remember Jolie’s crazy days. The actress was known for wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck, cutting for sexual pleasure and kissing her brother full on mouth at the red carpet.

Another iconic bad girl on the list is Rihanna. The RnB singer ranked number two on the list. If there’s anything this girl is great at, it’s being bad. Contrary to popular belief, Kate Moss may strike as the good girl but for Complex she’s the sexiest bad girl there is all thanks to her past scandal of snorting cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t lose the glamour for some male fans. The “Mean Girls” star ranks number four on the list. Being known for DUIs, rehabs and rusty relationships, Lohan still manages to score a second look.

“X-Factor’s” Britney Spears made it to number eight on the list. Who could ever forget Spears’ 55-hour wedding at Las Vegas with a friend and the shaved head incident? Of course, Britney Spears famous girl-on-girl kisses with Madonna also manages to bring up memories. Speaking of Madonna, the “Like a Virgin” singer sits at the number nine spot.

Newly-pregnant Kim Kardashian makes it to the number ten spot while former Disney princess, Miley Cyrus drops in at the number twelve spot. An additional former Disney star also on the list is Vanessa Hudgens making it to the number thirteen spot.

Other notable actresses in Hollywood who made it to the list include Megan Fox at number fourteen and Sienna Miller at number fifteen. Years before Barrymore had stuck to a healthy lifestyle, the actress had started smoking marijuana by 12 and got into rehab at 13. All thanks to that, Barrymore landed at the number 16 on the list.

Check out the full list of Complex Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Celebrity Bad Girls here.

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