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By admin December 03, 2012 0 Comments

we’re still not entirely sure what it’s going to sound like.

Using a whole jumble of words ranging from “hip hop” to “twang” we’re basically left imagining a kind of Sheryl Crow/Jay-Z mash-up – but that’s probably not what Miley had in mind.

When asked by MSN Entertainment about her new music, she didn’t really know what the single was going to be either.

She said,“The genre is something that I think is something really new and something that hasn’t really been done right now.

“It’s a mixture of just what I’ve just grown up doing and the way that my vocal style is anyways which is a little bit of like a twang on top of hip hop beats.”

Having been in the studio with producers including Pharrell Williams, her album looks to be pretty far away from the Disney days of her past, but isn’t entirely losing her signature country sound.

She explained, “It’s been really fun just creating this new style [with] all the people that inspire me and making a hybrid of all my favourite styles, not really sticking to one genre, we’re not really sure what the single’s gonna be yet.”

Check out her interview with MSN below:

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